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Brown Ale 6% ABV, 22 IBUs

This beer is named after the mascot at Mahomet-Seymour High School, our hometown team. We are giving a shout-out to all the alumni who ventured through the halls and poured their hearts out on the many different playing fields in search of victory. This beer goes out to the old-timers, who had a good run in their day, and always have some “great” story of grandeur awaiting in case of any dull moment in the conversation. Bulldog Brown Ale is a smooth, easy drinking beer with multiple flavors. There are hints of caramel, chocolate, and toasted bread, with a mild hop aroma. So take a hint from the JT Walker’s Bulldog, sit back, relax, take a load off and enjoy a great beer while you reminisce of the days past.

Pairing – Bulldog Brown Ale can go with a multitude of food offerings. Try it with hot wings or an Italian Beef sandwich. It is also the main component in our Beer Cheese Soup.


American Wheat Ale 5% ABV, 10 IBUs

The colors orange and blue are synonymous with this area, our local high school and the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign. Thus, we wanted to show our pride in everything that is orange and blue. We used traditional Ale yeast and wheat then add a citrus note with orange peel and real blueberries. The smell of blueberry comes through in the nose and adds a bit of tartness, while the beer finishes nicely with a hint of orange peel. The perfect thirst-quencher during those warm weather days or it can be enjoyed any time of year.


Saison 5.5% ABV, 17 IBUs

Nine Gal Tavern existed in Mahomet, then known as Middletown, in the mid-1800s. Nine Gal Tavern, was colorfully named for the nine red-headed daughters of its proprietor. (Just think about that family photo for a moment.) Owned by Thomas Davidson, the bar was actually known as the Ohio Tavern, when Abraham Lincoln purportedly stopped there. Legend has it that Lincoln liked to bounce little Jimmy Davidson off his knee when he was traveling from Decatur to Urbana.

Later on, following World War II, the Village of Mahomet was known for being somewhat of a raucous and unwieldy town at the time, and in an effort to clean up the streets, the Village eventually became a dry town and stayed that way until 2007. JT Walker’s became the first restaurant and bar in downtown Mahomet, when it opened in 2008. Saison is the French word for season. French and Belgian farmers would brew a crisp, drinkable beer ahead of time to be consumed by workers during the hot summer season. Saison styles are already famous for having spicy, peppery notes, and we have complimented that with pounds of real ginger root. Get your taste-buds ready, Nine Gals Ginger Saison is a beer all its’ own.

Pairing – Used in our house-made beer batter, this beer also goes well with seafood such as salmon, tuna and shrimp.


Taylor Field – Session IPA 4.8% ABV, 45 IBUs

Owner Justin Taylor’s grandfather R.C. “Bud” Taylor built a softball field on some of his farmland in the 1960s. He later added a baseball field next to it for the local Little League. It has been a staple of the community ever since. We wanted to add a staple to our lineup, so we are bringing out our session IPA, brewed with Pale Malt, Goldpils Vienna Malt, cascade hops and mosaic hops. This citrus IPA has slight characteristics of biscuit and toasted notes. Taylor Field Session IPA is perfectly suited for baseball fields across America.

47 & 74

Scotch Ale 7.4% ABV, 47 IBUs

Mahomet is located between route 47 and Interstate 74. We are just off the beaten path, but we are not that far away from anywhere in Central Illinois, so come on by. Brewed to be 47 IBU’s and 7.4% abv, this beer is marked by a caramel sweetness with a nice roasted flavor. We took a bold approach with this beer adding a bigger hop profile than in your typical scotch ale in order to ease the sweetness and make this beer more multidimensional.


Peanut Butter Stout 7.7% ABV, 19 IBUs

Walkie J was brewed as a celebration of the brewery's fourth anniversary and owner Justin Taylor's son Walker Jordan Taylor's fourth birthday. The brewery opened five days after Walker was born. Nicknamed "Walkie J", he loves chocolate milk  and peanut butter, so we decided an imperial peanut butter cream stout sounded about right. This sweet stout is packed with lactose and brewed with a new peanut flavored malt and peanut butter concentrate, along with chocolate malt. It's like dessert in a glass.


Kentucky Common 6.5% ABV, 16 IBUs

This is a collaboration with the team at Crane Alley in Urbana, Illinois. A Kentucky Common is a modern interpretation of an ale style native to pre-prohibition Louisville. Historically the beer was dark in color, creamy, and tart as a result of the introduction of lactobacillus bacteria by sour mashing. Brewed with 20 percent corn and an 80 percent barley grain bill, we used the traditional sour mash style, and added roasted chocolate malt to create a very unique beer.

Das ZJ

Kolsch 4.6% ABV, 13 IBUs.

A German style hybrid between a wheat ale and pilsner. This easy drinker is full of flavor with a slight citrus finish. A perfect introduction to Spring.