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Original Beers


American IPA 7% ABV, 70 IBUs

This is our flagship beer and our pride and joy. Named for the famed Iliniwek Indians that were the original inhabitants to this region of North America. When the French encountered these natives in the 1600s, they discovered a very populous and powerful nation that inhabited much of the Mississippi River valley. The French called this area the “Illinois Country”. While the Iliniwek referred to themselves as Inoca, the French called them “ilinwe” or the plural version, “iliniwek”, which is a miss-translation of the word “irenweewa”, which means “he speaks the ordinary way” referring to the widely spoken Illinois Confederation language.

Many French fur traders and missionaries praised the Iliniwek’s fine appearance. Known for their short hair on top that stood straight up with long hair on the sides and in the back that often went down to their shoulders. The Iliniwek also covered themselves in brownish colored tattoos of various geometric shapes and painted their faces and bodies with red and black paint made from minerals. As an ode to one of their most abundant crops, Hale to the Chief is brewed with portions of corn instead of just barley. Corn is clean, yet sweet. This IPA focuses on a nice hop and malt balance. This beer has all of the bursting flavor and aroma that is expected from an American hopped IPA.

Nine Gals

Saison 5.5% ABV, 17 IBUs

Nine Gal Tavern existed in Mahomet, then known as Middletown, in the mid-1800s. Nine Gal Tavern, was colorfully named for the nine red-headed daughters of its proprietor. (Just think about that family photo for a moment.) Owned by Thomas Davidson, the bar was actually known as the Ohio Tavern, when Abraham Lincoln purportedly stopped there. Legend has it that Lincoln liked to bounce little Jimmy Davidson off his knee when he was traveling from Decatur to Urbana.

Later on, following World War II, the Village of Mahomet was known for being somewhat of a raucous and unwieldy town at the time, and in an effort to clean up the streets, the Village eventually became a dry town and stayed that way until 2007. JT Walker’s became the first restaurant and bar in downtown Mahomet, when it opened in 2008. Saison is the French word for season. French and Belgian farmers would brew a crisp, drinkable beer ahead of time to be consumed by workers during the hot summer season. Saison styles are already famous for having spicy, peppery notes, and we have complimented that with pounds of real ginger root. Get your taste-buds ready, Nine Gals Ginger Saison is a beer all its’ own.

Orange & Blue

American Wheat Ale 5% ABV, 10 IBUs (Tulip)

The colors orange and blue are synonymous with this area, our local high school and the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign. Thus, we wanted to show our pride in everything that is orange and blue. We used traditional Ale yeast and wheat then add a citrus note with orange peel and real blueberries. The smell of blueberry comes through in the nose and adds a bit of tartness, while the beer finishes nicely with a hint of orange peel. The perfect thirst-quencher during those warm weather days or it can be enjoyed any time of year.


Brown Ale 6% ABV, 22 IBUs

This beer is named after the mascot at Mahomet-Seymour High School, our hometown team. We are giving a shout-out to all the alumni who ventured through the halls and poured their hearts out on the many different playing fields in search of victory. This beer goes out to the old-timers, who had a good run in their day, and always have some “great” story of grandeur awaiting in case of any dull moment in the conversation. Bulldog Brown Ale is a smooth, easy drinking beer with multiple flavors. There are hints of caramel, chocolate, and toasted bread, with a mild hop aroma. So take a hint from the JT Walker’s Bulldog, sit back, relax, take a load off and enjoy a great beer while you reminisce of the days past.

Pairing – Bulldog Brown Ale can go with a multitude of food offerings. Try it with hot wings or an Italian Beef sandwich. It is also the main component in our Beer Cheese Soup.

Piasa Devourer of Men

Piasa Devourer of Men – Imperial IPA 8% ABV, 90 IBUs (Hourglass Pilsner)

To celebrate the three year anniversary of the brewery, we made an Imperial IPA with loads of Cascade, Mosaic and Falconer’s Flight hops. The Piasa was given its name by the Illiniwek Indians, meaning a bird that devours men. The legend goes all the way back to 1673 when Father Jacques Marquette wrote about his famous journey down the Mississippi River. It described the “Piasa” as a birdlike monster painted high on the bluffs along the Mississippi River, where the city of Alton, Illinois now stands. According to the diary, the Piasa “was as large as a calf with horns like a deer, red eyes, a beard like a tiger’s, a face like a man, the body covered with green, red and black scales and a tail so long it passed around the body, over the head and between the legs.” The creature was defeated when chief Ouatoga offered himself as the victim. He began to chant the death song of a warrior. The Piasa reached him when 20 warriors sent sailing arrows into the body of the beast. The Piasa uttered a fearful scream that echoed down the river, and died. Ouatoga was safe, and the tribe saved.


1977 – Scotch Ale w/Pumpkins 6.7% ABV, 30 IBUs

High school football playoffs start the week of Halloween and go until the state championships just after Thanksgiving. This beer is made to commemorate this time and as a salute to the year our local high school won its only state football title. This is a dark brown and malty scotch ale that we added 272 lbs of pumpkin to, creating a hint of pumpkin pie. Just what you need for this time of year.

Sangamon River

Amber Ale 5.7% ABV, 32 IBUs

This is a special release beer in conjunction with the Sangamon River Music Festival that takes place every year in August in downtown Mahomet, IL. The Sangamon River flows through Mahomet and into the Illinois River. Abraham Lincoln and his family settled along the Sangamon River and often traveled on it. This beer is approachable and has a nice mix of caramel flavor with a toasted, nutty character.

C-U Oktoberfest

C-U Oktoberfest – Marzen 6% ABV, 20 IBUs

A special release for the C-U Oktoberfest festival that takes place every October in downtown Champaign. The proceeds from the event go to support the Development Services Center. Released in September, our version is a malty, yet crisp lager with a solid toast and caramel background.

Walker’s Original Cream Stout

Sweet Stout 5% ABV, 30 IBUs

Walker’s Original Cream Stout was first brewed in celebration of the birth of owner Justin Taylor’s son Walker Jordan Taylor on November 15th, 2013. It is set to be released every year on his birthday. This sweet stout is packed with lactose and a hint of Madagascar vanilla bean. It is balanced with roasted malts and just enough hops to not be over the top. It is the perfect companion during those long winter days when you are stuck inside playing board games with the family or cards with the fellas.

Lake of the Woods Wheat

Wheat Ale 5% ABV, 17 IBUs (Tulip)

This seasonal wheat ale changes every year depending on creative interests. We've done a traditional wheat with chamomile and orange peel. This year (2018) we used a healthy amount of raspberries. A percentage of all proceeds go to help the Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve Renovation Project. However you prefer to spend your summer, just make sure you wash it down with a great beer, for a great cause. Cheers to summer!


Joe’s – Session IPA 4.8% ABV, 45 IBUs

We got together with our friends at Joe’s Station House Pizza Pub in Normal, Illinois, to create a house beer that could be enjoyed all-year round. So we came up with a Session IPA. Brewed with Pale Malt, Goldpils Vienna Malt, cascade hops and mosaic hops. This citrus IPA has slight characteristics of biscuit and toasted notes, making it the perfect complement to anyone of their great pizzas.


Talisman – Pilsner 5.5% ABV, 40 IBUs (Hourglass Pilsner)

Talisman is an object which is believed to contain certain magical or sacramental properties which provided good luck and protection for the owner. It was also the name of a 73-foot, 40-ton steamship that Abraham Lincoln helped co-pilot up the Sangamon River in Illinois. The boat can still be seen on the banks of Salem to this day. Brewed with American, German and Belgian Pilsner Malts, the mixture helps to provide greater depth and malt character with a large portion of Cascade hops helping to give a floral and slightly citrusy character to balance the malt and German Lager Yeast for a beer that is perfectly suited for sailing down the river of your choice.

Killer Bee Honey Wheat

Killer Bee Honey Wheat – Wheat Ale 5% ABV, 17 IBUs (Tulip)

We got together with our friends in the band Killer Bee Honey to make this easy drinking summer wheat beer. It will be on tap at shows throughout the year so be sure to check it out. We made an American Wheat Ale and added chamomile, sweet orange peel, coriander, and grains of paradise, creating a mellow tea-like character with a slight tartness.

Chester’s BBQ Ale

Chester’s BBQ Ale – Chile Spiced Porter, 9% ABV, 50 IBUs (Hourglass Pilsner)

JT Walker’s Brewery features great BBQ from Mahomet native Brent Chester, who owns and operates Chester’s BBQ Truck. This is our second installment of Chester’s BBQ Ale. For this version we made an Imperial Porter and added Chester’s special BBQ rub blend, which is spiced with a variety of herbs and peppers, to create a spiced up Imperial Porter.

Champaign County Lager

Champaign County Lager – Lager 5% ABV, 15 IBUs (Hourglass Pilsner)

For those people who are a fan of a classic American-style lager, this is the beer for you. Made with American Pilsner Malt, corn, cascade hops and German Lager Yeast, this easy drinker is good anytime.

Taylor Field

Taylor Field – Session IPA 4.8% ABV, 45 IBUs (Hourglass Pilsner)

Owner Justin Taylor’s grandfather R.C. “Bud” Taylor built a softball field on some of his farmland in the 1960s. He later added a baseball field next to it for the local Little League. It has been a staple of the community ever since. We wanted to add a staple to our lineup, so we are bringing out our session IPA, brewed with Pale Malt, Goldpils Vienna Malt, cascade hops and mosaic hops. This citrus IPA has slight characteristics of biscuit and toasted notes. Taylor Field Session IPA is perfectly suited for baseball fields across America.

Yard Crusher

Pale Ale 5.4% ABV, 42 IBUs (Hourglass Pilsner)

Our new spring seasonal is here! The first American Pale Ale we have ever made, it is a light, crisp citrus beer brewed to be crushable while you are mowing the lawn or working outside. American pale malt is abundant along with a healthy portion of Cascade hops.

The Bell Tower

The Bell Tower – Imperial Rye Red Ale 9.2% ABV, 80 IBUs (Hourglass Pilsner)

This is a special collaboration we made with Triptych Brewing Co. in Savoy, Illinois, for their third anniversary party. One of the most impressive and recognizable facilities within Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve is the HI-Tower. For four decades now, visitors from miles around have come to admire and ascend the six-story structure. Constructed between 1963 and 1965, the tower was named after the founder of the Champaign County Forest Preserve District, the late H.I. Gelvin. Mr. Gelvin, president of the Board of Commissioners from 1948 to 1975, was instrumental in the creation of the tower, along with many other features throughout the park. In honor of this we created The Bell Tower, an Imperial Rye Red Ale that features a ton of hops and great aroma.

A Village Christmas

Rum Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale 8% ABV, 47 IBUs (Goblet)

In the Village of Mahomet, we have the Christmas Walk every December down Main Street right past the brewery. We give out popcorn and other goodies to the kids and some special brews to the parents. In celebration, we are releasing this big Rum Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale. We used an Oak Barrel and repurposed it by adding Goslings Dark Bermuda Rum. We then added a variety of classic holiday spices to create a unique scotch ale perfect to help keep you warm while you celebrate the holiday season.

Bit-Uh Crane

Extra Special Bitter 5.5% ABV, 30 IBUs (Goblet)

We made this special English-style Ale for our friends at Crane Alley, in Urbana, to help celebrate their 11th year in business. We barrel-aged this beer for 2 months in Heaven Hill barrels. We used rye, flaked barley, biscuit and caramel malts, then dry-hopped it with Bramling Cross hops. These English-Style hops give an aroma with black current tones and strong spice.


Barrel-Aged Barleywine 15% ABV, 112 IBUs (8oz Snifter)

For the second anniversary of the brewery on November, 20, 2015, we are releasing this monster barrel-aged Barleywine, named after Route 150 in Mahomet, which owner Justin Taylor grew up on, and because it is 15.0% ABV. We aged it in American Oak Barrels for five months, and used rye, flaked barley, biscuit and caramel malts, then dry-hopped it with Bramling Cross and East Kent Golding hops. These English hops provide an aroma of black currant tones with a strong spice.

John Gow Pale Ale

Pale Ale 5% ABV, 30 IBUs

This beer is brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops for a true feel of New Zealand. Aged in oak barrels, this beer has a unique taste with a nice citrus and grapefruit aroma. This beer is named after head brewer Aaron Young’s friend John Gow, a native of New Zealand. He is a big fan of the All Blacks, the national rugby team. Kia Ora!

JT's Barrel Series #1

Sour Wheat Ale 5% ABV, 17 IBUs

With the New Year comes a new project, our JT’s Barrel Series. This is the first release in this new venture, which will consist of a beer fermented and aged in a single barrel, so it’s aptly called #1. This version is a sour wheat ale aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels. Soured with lactobacillus and then with the addition of blackberries, it gives this beer a fresh, crisp and tart flavor perfect for the warming weather of the season.

Hale To The Thief

Belgian-Style Black IPA 7.35% ABV, 70 IBUs

We got together with Jeff, the Head Brewer at DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works in Champaign, to create a unique collaboration. We decided to brew a take-off on our flagship beer Hale to the Chief Corn IPA. We used a 15% corn in the grain bill, then used DESTIHL’s House Belgian Yeast, dry hopped it with a ton of Cascade hops, and added dark candy sugar that gives it a nice reddish/black color. This beer is a mashup of an American IPA stolen by Belgian Monks and made like a traditional Belgian Ale.

Cranetucky – Made With Sour Cherries

Kentucky Common 6.5% ABV, 16 IBUs

This is a different take on our original Cranetucky collaboration with the team at Crane Alley in Urbana, Illinois. A Kentucky Common is a modern interpretation of an ale style native to pre-prohibition Louisville. Historically the beer was dark in color, creamy, and tart as a result of the introduction of lactobacillus bacteria by sour mashing. Brewed with 20 percent corn and an 80 percent barley grain bill, we used the traditional sour mash style, and added roasted chocolate malt to create a very unique beer. We kicked up the tartness and sour flavor with the addition of sour cherries. The cherries help carry the tartness all the way through the beer drinking process and add a delightful chocolate-cherry finish.

Tumble Inn India Pale Ale

IPA 6.3% ABV, 44 IBUs

We collaborated with our good friends at Tumble Inn in Champaign to make this special house IPA. Tumble Inn is a staple in this area, having been around since 1947. We are proud to have helped make their first signature beer. This is a mild American traditional IPA that is dry hopped with citra and cascade hops. It doesn’t matter if it is baseball, basketball or football season, it’s good anytime of year.

KO Fusion Gose

Gose 5.8% ABV, 10 IBUs

Our Gose is a special collaboration with Executive Chef Nigel at KO Fusion Sushi Restaurant in Champaign, Illinois. This beer was inspired by the classic wheat beer hailing from Leipzig, Germany. Traditionally brewed with salt and coriander, our version is tart with a nice salty base to go along with fresh locally grown lime basil by Anna Schweig at Big Thorn Farm in Georgetown, Illinois. It is made with our Saison yeast, which makes this a delicate and tart beer that is a perfect summer refresher and of course, goes great with sushi.

Jupiter’s IO

Witbier 4.4% ABV, 15 IBUs

We brewed this beer for Jupiter’s Pizzeria and Billiards in downtown Champaign. It is a citrusy wheat beer made with Belgian yeast and dry-hopped at the end of the brewing process to give it a slight hop punch. This beer is intentionally made to have a lower alcohol content, so that it can be enjoyed as a session beer on warm summer days. Io (pronounced ee-oh) is the fifth of Jupiter’s moons and its’ third largest. It was named by Galilieo who first discovered it in 1610, and gets it great colors from its volcanic activity. In Roman mythology, Io was a maiden who was so fair and good that all who knew her loved her, and said that there was no one like her in the whole world. Jupiter the great king of earth and sky became enthralled with her and changed her into a white cow to hide her from his wife Juno. It did not work though as Juno begged him for the cow and forced her to stay in that form for the rest of her life.

The Grand Chief

Imperial Corn IPA 10% ABV, 105 IBUs

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the brewery, we wanted to make a special beer. We had been dying to make an imperial IPA, but we just never had the time or space to get it done. When we hooked up our fourth fermenter this past summer, we finally had enough capacity to make our dream a reality. Hale to the Chief is our flagship beer, so we thought, let’s just ramp it up a couple notches, and see what we get. So we created The Grand Chief, a hopped up behemoth of a beer. It’s everything you love about Hale to the Chief, but experienced in a whole new way.

Crazy Gals

Saison 5% ABV, 17 IBUs

This is a special version of our Nine Gals Ginger Saison, that we released for the Car X Crazy K event. For this batch we added fresh, locally grown raspberries to this brew. The Saison style was originally concocted by French and Belgian farmers, who would brew a crisp, drinkable beer ahead of time to be consumed by workers during the hot summer season. None for having spicy, peppery notes, and we have complimented that with pounds of real ginger root and raspberries.

Crane Machine

Porter 6.7% ABV, 31 IBUs

This is our second signature beer we have made with Aaron Wood, the General Manager of Crane Alley in Urbana. But this time we invited Flying Machine Coffee House to help us out. For this collaboration, we added five gallons of fresh ground papa new guinea espresso. The aroma is everything you want in an espresso beer, a deep, thick, dark brown, almost black beer with a malt bill that focuses on roasted barley. Crane Machine will wake you up in the morning … or you know, any time of day.

Big Grove Tavern

Autumn Berry Saison 5.5% ABV, 15 IBUs

We collaborated with our friends at Big Grove Tavern in Champaign, Illinois, to create a fantastic fall beer to go perfectly with their seasonal menu. We took fresh locally grown autumn berries and pureed them. We then added them to this Belgian-Style beer, known for its refreshing light-citrusy flavor with hint of pepper.

Probably Pablo

Smoked Saison 5.8%, 18 IBUs

This is a collaboration with Black Dog BBQ and Ale House in Urbana. The guys at Black Dog took 2-Row Malt and slow smoked it in their smokers to create a unique smoked malt you can’t find anywhere else. This Belgian-Style summer beer goes perfectly with any barbecue. Named after General Manager Michael Miller’s black lab, Probably Pablo is just what you have been looking for.

Daniel T. Porter

Daniel T. Porter – Imperial Porter 9% ABV, 50 IBUs (Dimpled Stein)

In 1836, Daniel T. Porter became the first official land owner of record in Mahomet, Illinois, which was called Middletown at the time. He later went on to become the village’s first postmaster, and also owned a tavern. This Imperial Porter is in honor of him. This is dark and intense while focusing on chocolate and the balance between the bitterness from the hops and the sweetness from the caramel and residual sugars. Made with American Pale Malt, Munich, Caramel, Chocolate and Wheat with Chinook and Cascade Hops.


Kentucky Common 6.5% ABV, 16 IBUs

When we got together with Aaron Wood, the General Manager of Crane Alley in Urbana, to make a collaboration beer, he wanted to do something a little outside the box. That’s when Cranetucky was born. Kentucky Common is a modern interpretation of an ale style native to pre-prohibition Louisville. Historically the beer was dark in color, creamy, and tart as a result of the introduction of lactobacillus bacteria by sour mashing. Brewed with 20 percent corn and 80 percent barley grain bill, we used the traditional sour mash style, and added roasted chocolate malt to create a very unique beer. Available only at JT Walker’s Brewery and Crane Alley Restaurant.


Imperial Mole Porter 9.1% ABV, 54 IBU

We teamed up with Noon Whistle Brewing Company for 350 Fest and created an imperial mole porter. Brewed with ancho chiles, chocolate, cinnamon, pecans, cloves, and anise, this porter will spice things up a bit.


Scotch Ale 7.4% ABV, 47 IBUs

Mahomet is located between route 47 and Interstate 74. We are just off the beaten path, but we are not that far away from anywhere in Central Illinois, so come on by. Brewed to be 47 IBU’s and 7.4% abv, this beer is marked by a caramel sweetness with a nice roasted flavor. We took a bold approach with this beer adding a bigger hop profile than in your typical scotch ale in order to ease the sweetness and make this beer more multidimensional.


Triple East Coast IPA 10% ABV, 74 IBUs

At JT Walker's, we are big fans of music. With the 10-year anniversary of JT Walker's Restaurant hitting in July, we decided to mark the occasion with the first release in our Music Series, The Shape of Beer to Come, a triple east coast IPA with loads of citra and amarillo hops. This beer is an ode to The Shape of Punk to Come, released 20 years ago by the Swedish hardcore punk band Refused in 2003. It was named by Kerrang! Magazine as #13 on their list of 50 Most Influential Albums of All Time.


Peanut Butter Stout 7.7% ABV, 19 IBUs

Walkie J was brewed as a celebration of the brewery's fourth anniversary and owner Justin Taylor's son Walker Jordan Taylor's fourth birthday. The brewery opened five days after Walker was born. Nicknamed "Walkie J", he loves chocolate milk  and peanut butter, so we decided an imperial peanut butter cream stout sounded about right. This sweet stout is packed with lactose and brewed with a new peanut flavored malt and peanut butter concentrate, along with chocolate malt. It's like dessert in a glass.


Double East Coast IPA 8.2% ABV, 54 IBUs

Doug, our new brewmaster joined our team just a few short weeks ago, and has become our second Doug to grace the brewery. His inaugural beer is a hazy Double East Coast IPA brewed with an abundant amount of Mosaic and Motueka hops, which gives it a powerful peach and pineapple aroma and taste. It's fresh fresh, ya'll!


Gose 4% ABV, 10 IBUs

Goses are a style of beer that hail from Germany which adds a touch of salt to the beer to give it a mildly tart and salty profile. We took the traditional gose recipe and added real graham crackers and cherries to give it a homestyle, cherry pie taste.


Gose 4% ABV, 10 IBUs

Goses are a style of beer that hail from Germany which adds a touch of salt to the beer to give it a mildly tart and salty profile. We took the traditional gose recipe and added real graham crackers and lime juice to give it a sweet, key lime pie finish.


American IPA 6% ABV, 73 IBUs.

Mahomet native, Jason Seaman, a teacher in Noblesville, Indiana saved many lives when an armed gunman opened fire in a classroom. Jason reacted immediately and tackled and subdued the suspect, being shot three times in a the process, while student Ella Whistler was also wounded. To show our support, we crafted Jason his favorite type of beer, an American IPA - made with Mosaic and Citra hops - for an American Hero. A portion of proceeds will go towards Ella Whistler's recovery. Let's all be #NOBStrong.


Imperial Coffee Stout 9.4% ABV, 40 IBUs

The same imperial stout base we used for our Black & Blue Imperial Stout with Blueberries, but we brewed it with dark roast coffee instead. Sweet notes compliment the bitter coffee to make this an easy-to-drink imperial.


Russian Imperial Stout with Blueberries 11.4% ABV, 40 IBU

This Russian Imperial Stout is brewed with a little bit of vanilla, a splash of chocolate and a ton of blueberries. A nice, subtle roasted flavor encapsulates the palate with a mildly tart finish from the blueberries.


Sour Ale 6.4% ABV, 0 IBU

This tart 6.4% ale was partially fermented in a combination of white and red wine barrels. The barrels were then blended, and we added 300 pounds of peach puree. We then kegged and bottled and allowed it to naturally carbonate.


Hazy Pale Ale 5.2% ABV, 42 IBU

Welcome to Flavortown. This Hazy Pale Ale is loaded with 88 pounds of Galaxy and El Dorado hops, which allows it to pop with flavor.


Wheated Kolsch 4.8% ABV, 23 IBU

This wheated kolsch is brewed with German Pilsner malt. This hybrid beer is a lager styled brewed at ale temperatures, but then cold conditioned to create a light, crisp beer that gets you ready for the warm weather ahead. "If you don't know what a ZJ is, you probably can't afford it". -Beerfest


S'mores Stout 6.6% ABV, 30 IBU

Our second installment to our music series - All My Best Friends Are Mallowheads is a stout unlike any other. Brewed with chocolate, marshmallows, and real Pandamonium Doughnuts thrown right into the batch, this s'mores stout combines rich undertones with a sweet finish one would expect from a doughnut. *Brewed with lactose


American Amber Lager 5% ABV, 15 IBUs

At JT Walker’s Brewery, we lost our dear friend, Jay Caviness, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Jay, with his big red beard and his penchant for fun, was a big person with a big personality. He brought people together like no one else. His stories will live on through all of us that knew him. “Live Like Jay” was brewed in his honor. An American Amber Lager, extremely drinkable with slight citrus tones. It’s a little taste of ‘Merica just the way Jay would have wanted it. A portion of proceeds will go to the Jay Caviness Foundation to help fund programs in Jay’s name. Live Like Jay will be released at Sammers II in Gibson City this Friday, with the official release at our brewery next Wednesday. Live Like Jay artwork by Charlie Hoselton Jr.


IPA 6.8% ABV, 65 IBUs

Butte County roots run deep. Forested hills, winding rivers, towering pines, mighty oaks, and even mightier people—it’s our home. And in the aftermath of the Camp Fire, the most destructive wildfire in California history, we will rebuild. This IPA was brewed alongside Sierra Nevada and over 1,000 other breweries to support those affected by the Camp Fire. In Butte, united we stand.


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Cherry Sour 7% ABV, 10 IBUs

The newest installment in our Barrel Series, this cherry sour has 2 lbs of cherries per gallon for that full cherry tartness. We transferred this beer over to red wine barrels to let it naturally ferment.


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Barrel Aged Scotch Ale 8% ABV, 47 IBUs

Our original 47&74 recipe, this hoppier version of a Scotch Ale was placed in bourbon barrels to elevate the flavors. A smooth, yet sweet flavor, similar to a barleywine is present in this batch.


Strawberry Banana Milkshake Pale 6% ABV, 30 IBU

For those of you who have been in our restaurant or brewery, you've most likely met our taproom manager and graphic designer, Andy. After being dubbed, "DJ Skinny Pants" by some drunk Irish guy, we figured it'd be appropriate to celebrate over 5 years with him by creating a beer that's light, pale, and a little weird. This milkshake pale has a little bit of banana, a little bit of cream, and a ton of strawberries. 3 pounds per gallon to be exact. Perfect for that sweet tooth, after-dinner refreshment, or just something new.


Blackberry Raspberry Sour 6% ABV, 0 IBUs

The 4th installment to our music series, Brewer in the Ambulance is a refreshing sour ale incorporated with blackberries and raspberries to blend sweet and tart into a single glass. Every sip will remind you that life is a party - no matter the situation.


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Ginger Grapefruit Saison Ale 5.5% ABV, 17 IBUs

Our original Nine Gals Ginger Saison recipe brewed with an abundance of grapefruit. Available as straight draft of mixed as a shandy.


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Imperial Pastry Stout 9.3% ABV, 53 IBUs

We teamed up with Champaign-Urbana Craft Beer Lovers to create this imperial pastry stout with graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow to create a sweet yet bold flavor that balances out with a robust finish.